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Data Sheet: Build38 Mobile App Security Platform

Data Sheet: Build38 Mobile App Security Platform
Taking Mobile App Security to The Next Level

Build38 is a true game-changer, streamlining the process of fortifying your apps against hackers and bolstering backend security. We revolutionise mobile app security by instilling trust in the most vulnerable environments, guaranteeing the safeguarding of app data, backend access, and personal information, all while proactively anticipating and mitigating potential threats. Our integrated, yet modular platform expedites time-to-market for mobile innovations, simplifies regulatory compliance, and fills the gap in cybersecurity expertise.

The Build38 solution
Build38 provides a comprehensive Cloud-Augmented Mobile App Security Platform that empowers businesses to effectively counter security attacks targeting their mobile apps. The platform stands out with its advanced Mobile App Self-Protection, cryptography, and AI-driven Active App Hardening, as well as Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence.

After thoroughly evaluating the top vendors in the Mobile App Security Platform category, I firmly believe that most solutions fall into two categories: they're either highly complex and expensive (both in terms of acquisition and integration), or they're inexpensive but lacking in completeness and maturity. Build38 distinguishes itself by offering a solution that strikes a balance. It's not overly complex or limited; instead, it's comprehensive, integrated, and reasonably priced.

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