Ebook: Making identities mobile

ebook: making identities mobile - Build38
Mobile Identity: Robust On-the-Go Protection Against Digital Threats

Mobile Identity gives you on-the-go protection so you can worry less about attacks and data extraction in your company.

We want to make sure that we are protecting and challenge hackers and fraudsters who want to steal your data making sure that your identity and those of your customers are protected online is crucial in today’s digital world.

It will protect your app from digital attacks that could lead to data extraction. Stop the risk of a data breach and get Mobile Identity today!

The Build38 advantage

Build38’s mobile app security platform combines the local power of mobile in-app defense with the advanced capabilities of cloud technology, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance security and providing multiple layers of threat protection that outperform traditional security solutions.

Build38 goes beyond device and app security to safeguard your entire mobile environment. It guarantees zero-trust security across the whole mobile technology stack, encompassing apps, networks, and backend infrastructures.

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