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Mobile App Security Check-Up: Safeguard Your App from Risks and Threats

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Thank you for joining us during our session "Mobile First Only! From Customer Satisfaction to PSD3 to Threat Modelling” at Netcetera’s Innovation Summit.

Per attendees’ request, you can access the presentation here:

Build38 provides cutting-edge security solutions for your business Mobile App

You've done the hard work in planning and developing your business-critical mobile apps, but are they truly secure, or merely 'secure enough'?

We'd love to help you ensure that you can distinguish between the two. Please fill out this form, and we will schedule a convenient time to set up a quick and complimentary check-up on up to 2 of your mobile apps.

Request a Mobile App security check-up, and let's explore the best way to protect your Mobile Application from risks and threats.

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