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Droidcon London 2023

October 26-27, 2023

Business Design Centre, London

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Join us at Droidcon London!​

Droidcon London stands as a pivotal event where the Android industry’s foremost experts, visionaries, and enthusiasts come together to champion the evolution of the Android platform.

Build38’s mobile App security experts are excited to join this event, showcasing how our solutions protect mobile Apps and the Android ecosystem against emerging threats.

Marc Obrador and Andreas Luca will also enlighten the audience with a captivating talk – REST in Peace: A Journey Through API Protection.

Schedule a meeting with us to learn how to secure your Android Mobile App from potential risks and threats.

Meet our experts!

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Marc Obrador
Chief Technology Officer, Build38​

Andreas Luca
Head of Solution Integration, Build38​

Tim Ager
VP Sales EMEA, Build38​

Graeme Harvey
Account Executive, Build38​

Tech Talk: REST in Peace: A Journey Through API Protection

If you’re wondering why protecting REST APIs should matter to you, it’s time to reconsider! API security begins within your mobile app, and the strength of your API’s protection hinges on the security measures embedded in your application. 

We invite you to be a part of this engaging talk where we will look into the world of REST API protection. We’ll explore the typical mechanisms employed to safeguard REST APIs and shed light on how vulnerabilities can be “exposed” if the App’s protection falls short.

Our aim is to guide you in implementing the right measures within your App to ensure robust security for both your Application and backend.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion that promises to enhance your understanding of API protection. See you there!

See the complete video from Droidcon below:

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