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Meet Build38 at Money 20/20 2024

Money 20/20 in Amsterdam 2024 - Build38


Meet Build38 at Money 20/20 2024

Build38 offers the most innovative security for the banking industry

Money 20/20 is bringing together the industry’s boldest and brightest new voices to delve into the challenges of right now and shape what comes next for the payment and banking ecosystem in Europe and beyond. 

Build38’s mobile app security experts will be participating in this important event, networking and showcasing participants how our security solutions can protect mobile apps in industries like banking and retail. 
Book a meeting with us and let’s explore the best way to protect your Mobile Application from risks and threaths. 

Why choose Build38's payment and banking security solution?

Head of Mobile Banking Solutions


>What's fantastic about Build38 is that it handles much of the thinking about the types of attacks we need to defend against. This is where their value truly shines. It frees up our mental capacity, allowing us to focus more on our core business, rather than constantly worrying about security._

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