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Mobile App Security Revealed:
Addressing Leaders' Concerns and Protection Strategies

October 17, 2023

11:00am CET

45 minutes

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As the world becomes increasingly reliant on mobile devices and applications, the need for robust mobile in-app security is more critical than ever. Breaches and attacks targeting mobile platforms are on the rise, posing a significant threat to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Join our guest speaker,  Janet Worthington, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Pedro Hernandez CRO and Co-Founder at Build38 to explore the challenges associated with mobile application security and delve into strategies for addressing these challenges through Security by Design and Default.

This webinar, hosted on the BrightTALK platform, is designed for professionals and organizations looking to enhance their understanding of mobile in-app security, including IT professionals, cybersecurity experts, developers, and decision-makers responsible for mobile application security.

Join us for an informative session that will empower you with the knowledge and strategies to protect your mobile applications and devices in an increasingly threat-filled digital landscape.

 The Mobile Application Security Landscape:

  • Understanding the current state of mobile security
  • Examining real-world mobile breaches and their impact
  • Security by Design and Default principles
  • Addressing global cybersecurity regulations and recommendations CRA, DORA, NIST 2.0
  • Defining responsibilities for code security
  • Leveraging mobile security and management technologies
  • The role of modern and future-fit tech organizations in shifting left



Janet WorthingtonSenior Analyst @Forrester

Janet is a senior analyst at Forrester advising security and risk professionals. She covers product security, proactive security design, securing new development methods, security testing in the software delivery lifecycle, and collaboration between security, development, and product management.

Pedro Hernández, Co-founder and CRO @Build38

Born in Barcelona, co-founded Build38 after 8 years living in Singapore. With an Astrophysics background and 20+ years in Tech and Cyber, he now leads Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success globally as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer.  

Meet the experts!

Janet Worthington (1)

Janet Worthington
Senior Analyst, @Forrester

Pedro Hernandez, Build38.

Pedro Hernández
Co-Founder & CRO, @Build38


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