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Prioritising innovation: Build38’s bold rebranding strategy revealed

[Munich, May 20, 2024] – Build38 proudly announces the launch of its bold rebranding initiative, marking a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to advancing industry-leading mobile app security solutions. This strategic rebranding effort reflects Build38’s dedication to not only enhancing security measures, but also staying at the forefront of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) trends. By prioritising innovation in both security and design, Build38 reaffirms its position as a dynamic leader in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile app technology.

Industry Leadership

In a continuously shifting digital environment, where trends shift with the wind, staying ahead is not just a strategy—it’s essential. As leaders in the mobile app security space, Build38 remains dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by innovating to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. The rebranding effort serves as a testament to the company’s ongoing evolution and dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Christian Schlaeger


>Build38’s new logo represents our continued commitment to keeping ahead of industry trends and the need to provide top-tier mobile app protection in this fast-moving digital world. Mobile apps are essential to our daily lives as consumers, but threats are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated by the day. You need protection that not only secures your apps, devices, networks, and your backend but also rises to the challenge of delivering a solution that stays one step ahead of cyberthreats_

Design and Branding Trends

As trends in design and branding continue to evolve, Build38 recognizes the importance of staying up to date to maintain relevance and engagement with its audience. The rebranding initiative not only reflects the company’s growth and accomplishments but also celebrates its devotion to innovation through a refreshed brand aesthetic.

  • Build38’s new logo represents the concept of protection in a broad sense. The letter “B” forms a barrier that opens or closes like a padlock, providing a secure space against external threats. It was conceived with the use of square shapes which depict pixels, echoing technology.

  • Its colour palette has evolved with its rebranding, matching the overall theme of elegant simplicity. The use of blue lilac and yellow sunflower make the elements stand out over the elegance of the dark blue, symbolising how Build38 will continue to be industry leaders in mobile app security solutions.

  • Build38’s tone of voice continues to demonstrate that it is a company that is passionate about bringing cybersecurity through professional and trustworthy solutions. Its new branding strategy reflects through its direct and transparent discourse that Build38 is simple, complete, and seamless. Through its straightforward communication, Build38 shows reassurance and trust, providing mobile app businesses with peace of mind.

Leticia Barcia


>I’m proud to announce the successful completion of Build38’s rebranding initiative. This strategic decision was guided by a clear vision and structured approach aimed at strengthening our leadership position in the mobile app security industry. By carefully analysing market trends, customer feedback, and the competitive landscape, we identified the need to refresh our brand identity to better align with our evolving business objectives and customer expectations. Through meticulous planning and execution, we have transformed what could have been perceived as a daunting task into a seamless transition that underscores our commitment to excellence. Build38’s revamped brand identity not only reflects our leadership in the mobile app security space, but also positions us for continued success and growth in the years to come_


Customer Commitment

Build38’s rebranding is not only a symbol of its focus on innovation and excellence in mobile app security, but also an opportunity to better articulate its leadership position as the only vendor in the mobile app security space that provides three layers of protection: mobile in-app protection, active hardening, and threat intelligence. Through its pioneering approach, Build38 delivers tailored solutions that enable businesses to effectively scale and adapt to evolving security challenges. In an era of heightened digital complexity, Build38 instils peace of mind by safeguarding its clients’ digital assets with reliable dedication and expertise.


About Build38

Build38 is a leading provider of cutting-edge mobile app security solutions. Headquartered in Munich, with key operations in Barcelona and Singapore, Build38 offers mobile app security solutions for a wide spectrum of industries such as finance, digital identities, public transport, automotive, and healthcare, establishing itself as a pioneer in safeguarding digital assets.


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