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Solution Brief Mobile app security - Build38
Leveraging AI, cloud and multi-layered defenses

There’s a pressing demand for mobile app protection systems that are able to seamlessly integrate advanced in-app self-protection with cloud-based mobile threat intelligence, detection, and response (XDR capabilities).

Build38’s superior approach to mobile app security involves providing a comprehensive cloud-augmented mobile app security platform, enabling mobile businesses to strengthen their apps against data breaches and unauthorized access.

The Build38 advantage

Build38’s mobile app security platform combines the local power of mobile in-app defense with the advanced capabilities of cloud technology, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance security and providing multiple layers of threat protection that outperform traditional security solutions.

Build38 goes beyond device and app security to safeguard your entire mobile environment. It guarantees zero-trust security across the whole mobile technology stack, encompassing apps, networks, and backend infrastructures.

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