Silicon Vault, by Build38, makes data storage on mobile devices more secure

Product update ensures improved control over sensitive data and an increased level of security


With the Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) Build38 has developed a software development kit (SDK) that protects mobile apps from all online threats. In order to adapt the T.A.K to new security requirements, the provider has now added Silicon Vault to its tool, which uses the hardware (HW)-backed storage capabilities of modern smartphones. This means that certificates, API keys, sensitive data and health information, among other things, can be stored on the mobile device even more securely than before.

Business and digital use cases are evolving at an ever-increasing pace these days, from eGovernment to healthcare to automotive use cases. This makes it all the more important to constantly adapt the mobile app security to the current requirements and the threat situation. Build38’s T.A.K already contains all the necessary security functions for mobile apps. This security framework can be integrated in under three minutes during app development.

With Silicon Vault, Build38 has supplemented the T.A.K with a new security feature that uses hardware-based symmetric and asymmetric cryptography on mobile devices. In this way, data storage can be effectively secured in the future. Other T.A.K features such as Secure Storage – which has been available for a long time – signature creation and TLS authentication also benefit from this increased level of security.

“With the extension of our solution, we are pushing the step towards further digital sovereignty for our customers and partners,” says Torsten Leibner, Head of Product Management at Build38. “The new feature enables us to provide maximum security for modern use cases when using mobile apps. Security-relevant information remains on the end device and is securely stored there.”