Protect and manage your mobile apps on insecure mobile devices

Build38 prevents the manipulation of customer data in apps and ensures the integrity of the app itself. This enables you to proactively protect your customers and your enterprise from hackers. To protect against attacks on app data, leading B2C enterprises choose Build38 because it provides comprehensive visibility and advanced security features to protect consumer apps from mobile threats and risks.

For Android and iOS

App Security Framework

For you it is collection of security functions every app needs. For developers it is an sofware development kit. For product managers it is application security. For users it is trust in you mobile business.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to integrate into your Android and iOS mobile apps during the development phase (security by design). The client library is built into the native code of an application.

In-App Protection

Multilayered Protection

Build38 combines different levels of mobile protection in its framework. Each layer represents a different security control. The level of protection is more powerful than traditional Android or iOS security mechanisms.

Our protections is based on three keystones:

  • the protection of the app from manipulation and the protection of intellectual property
  • the protection of the app during execution (the app runs in a secure environment)
  • the protection of communication between the app and the backend

In-App Monitoring

Proactively eliminate risks

The app protected with the T.A.K client identifies modifications within the app and anomalies on the mobile device. This lays the foundation for the security of the app: it can respond adaptively to threats and proactively eliminate risks.
Your security teams are also kept up to date: We forward the security-critical events to your SIEM, so that you are always up to date with the entire situation picture and cyber threats.

In-App Reaction

Threat Intelligence

Once the app is released by the service provider and users have downloaded or updated the app from Google Play or the App Store, the client and server communicate each time the app launches.

The service provider can access the T.A.K dashboard at any time for security insights and relevant information on performance. As any other changes, T.A.K updates can be added to the same workflow as regular updates for mobile applications.

App Security in three minutes – fast integration with T.A.K

unified framework

T.A.K is not a process. It is a solution. One big idea, one system, one step.



T.A.K layers protection. It works with several powerful systems at the same time.



T.A.K is independent and versatile. It runs in every environment.



T.A.K is designed for developers. The development kit is convenient and easy.



The integration is efficient. Implementation and configuration is a matter of days.



T.A.K remains invisible, the app user experience will simply stay untouched.