Counteract app cloning and app repackaging attacks

Build38’s comprehensive approach seamlessly integrates on-device protection with advanced cloud-based hardening and threat intelligence capabilities, providing robust defense mechanisms against app cloning, app repackaging, and various other security attacks targeting your mobile apps.

How hackers do it

Hackers use app cloning, also known as app repackaging, to distribute malicious software by disguising it as a legitimate mobile app. They take the original app’s source code, modify it to include malicious code or features, and then recompile it into a new, seemingly authentic app. 

Although most app stores have improved their ability to prevent cloned apps from being uploaded, some hackers still manage to bypass these security measures and distribute their unauthorized apps within official app stores. For the most part though, these malicious clones are distributed through unofficial app stores or third-party sources, enticing unsuspecting users to install them. Once installed, these rogue apps can steal sensitive data, infect devices with malware, or perform other malicious actions, all while posing as genuine applications.

App cloning preys on user trust in well-known apps, making it a potent vector for spreading malware and compromising the security of mobile devices and the data they contain.

How Build38 safeguards your mobile apps from app cloning and app repackaging

Build38’s comprehensive approach seamlessly integrates on-device protection with cloud-based active hardening and threat intelligence services, for a powerful defense against attempts to clone, repackage, and illegally distribute your mobile apps.

Superior mobile app self-protection

Our mobile app self-protection software instantly detects when an app has been cloned, thanks to its powerful Application and Code Integrity service. This service safeguards an app’s code and its assets, maintaining their integrity whether they are stored on disk or in memory. This ensures that users consistently use the exact version initially published by the developer. Upon detecting any attempt to tamper with an app's original code, our self-protection software will independently shut down the app and lock users out until the threat has been addressed.

Active hardening

The Active Hardening Server remotely enhances app security with cryptographic-key-based instance individualization, certificate injection into each app instance, and verification of device binding information. In addition, the Active Hardening Server continuously collects security telemetry data from all individual devices, including suspected cloning activities, and utilizes a machine learning engine to extrapolate threat intelligence.

Cloud-based threat intelligence 

Our platform then hands the AI-powered insight over to three distinctive cloud-based Threat Intelligence modules. These modules allow your business team and back-end software to respond quickly to threats targeting your mobile apps, including any attempt to clone, repackage, and maliciously distribute them.
Threat Intelligence Portal

Our web console promptly notifies your team as soon as a suspected cloning or repackaging attempt is detected, allowing them to take immediate action, such as locking, unlocking or even permanently wiping an app, when needed.

Attestation & Response

Our user-friendly online interface empowers your team to effortlessly establish automated rules without needing to code, ensuring consistent responses to future app cloning and repackaging attempts based on predefined policies.

Threat Intelligence & Response APIs

With our APIs, you can inform your back-end systems about security incidents, including suspected malevolent app cloning and repackaging attempts, and directly program specific responses into your back-end application logic itself. This facilitates rapid programmed responses against app cloning, repackaging, and other mobile app threats.

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