A comprehensive security solution for the automotive industry

Build38’s Mobile App Security Platform offers a unique and all-encompassing solution tailored specifically to the needs of the automotive industry. In contrast to conventional solutions that primarily concentrate on safeguarding mobile endpoints, Build38 adopts a holistic approach, ensuring the security of not only the mobile app, but also its communications and back-end APIs.

Roadblocks to security and compliance 
in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is experiencing a significant transformation, with car manufacturers transitioning into developers and operators of advanced mobility services to enhance customer experiences. This shift involves integrating cutting-edge hardware and software technologies, including AI-powered back-end systems and mobile software for vehicles and smartphones. But as vehicles become more connected and offer a range of digital services, such as navigational support, digital car key apps and AI-powered self-driving capabilities, car manufacturers are increasingly facing complex cybersecurity challenges for mobile software development and these new mobility services.

Digital car key apps are a prime target for hackers

Breaching digital car key apps is the gateway to unlocking and driving away with cars, so hackers will use various techniques to extract the cryptographic keys they store, including reverse engineering, exploiting app or device vulnerabilities, and side-channel attacks.

Reverse engineering

Key extraction techniques allow hackers to reverse engineer an app to locate and extract sensitive cryptographic keys or credentials stored within its code or memory. Once these keys are obtained, hackers gain access to the car and the ability to steal it.

Poor key management

Inadequate key management practices, like storing keys in plain text or using weak encryption methods, can expose keys to vulnerabilities and make it easier for attackers to steal them.

Mobile device vulnerabilities

Mobile devices themselves may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise the security of cryptographic keys stored within apps. If a device is rooted or jailbroken, for example, it becomes easier for attackers to access sensitive data, including keys

Side-channel attacks

Instead of directly targeting app code, side-channel attacks analyze the patterns or signals an app generates during execution, using power consumption, electromagnetic emissions, or timing variations to exploit unintentional information leaks during mobile app operations.

APIs are in the crosshairs

With automotive companies now operating online services for millions of vehicles, APIs have become attractive targets for malicious actors, since successfully hacking these APIs gives them access to valuable personal information for countless car owners.

Complex security mandates

To mitigate the risks that come with digitized automobiles, legislators have begun imposing strict international standards such as GDPR and eIDAS 2 for digital car keys and onboard software. Staying compliant presents a significant challenge for automotive companies.

Securing automotive apps is a daunting task

Integrating security into the development process, managing high penetration testing costs, and navigating the diverse landscape of security software options all further compound the challenges faced by automotive companies when it comes to ensuring robust security.

How Build38 protects automotive 
companies better

Build38’s Mobile App Security Platform offers automotive companies a unique, all-encompassing solution tailored specifically to their needs. While conventional solutions focus primarily on safeguarding mobile endpoints, our platform takes a holistic approach that secures not only mobile apps and on-board software, but also their communications and back-end APIs, for end-to-end protection.

Advanced mobile app self-protection features, such as data encryption and secure PIN pads, effectively thwart side-channel attacks and attempts to compromise cryptographic keys. Meanwhile, autonomous termination swiftly neutralizes threats, while our Active Hardening Server enhances app security through cryptographic-key-based instance individualization, certificate injection, device binding, and AI-driven threat intelligence extraction.

Build38 is compatible with over 99% of smartphones worldwide, ensuring a seamless customer experience. We offer flexible integration options, including No Code, Low Code, and Master Code Protection, seamlessly integrating security into the development process. A leading Asia Pacific auto manufacturer selected Build38 for its superior consumer experience and robust cryptography features, tailored to each device and operating system.

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