Counteract attempts to tamper with your app code

Build38 provides robust defense against debugging attacks targeting your mobile apps. This protection is achieved through a unique combination of advanced mobile in-app defense, bolstered by our exclusive cloud-based services.

Our powerful active hardening services enhance mobile app security by verifying device binding information and individualizing app instances using cryptographic keys. Additionally, our three exclusive cloud-based threat intelligence modules enable supervised, automated, and programmable responses to debugging attacks and other threats against your mobile apps.

How hackers do it

Hackers use code tampering to manipulate how a mobile app behaves and functions, by modifying its underlying code or binaries. This typically involves reverse engineering the app, decompiling it, and then making alterations to the code to introduce malicious functionalities or remove security features.

Code tampering can open the door to a variety of malicious actions, such as injecting malware, intercepting sensitive data, or bypassing authentication mechanisms. It is often used to create counterfeit versions of legitimate apps or to compromise the integrity of trusted apps, allowing hackers to exploit vulnerabilities, steal user information, or gain unauthorized access to systems.

How Build38 protects your mobile apps

Build38 offers businesses a powerful defense against code tampering attacks. We do this by combining advanced in-app protection with cutting-edge cloud-based active hardening and threat intelligence capabilities. By overlaying multiple layers of cloud-based security onto local in-app protection, you can rest assured that any attempts to tamper with your app code will be promptly shut down as soon as they appear.

Superior mobile app self-protection

The Application and Code Integrity services of our best-in-class in-app protection software safeguard an app's code and assets at all times, ensuring their integrity whether stored on disk or in memory. This guarantees that a device consistently runs the exact version initially published by the developer. Upon detecting any attempt to tamper with an app's original code, our self-protection software will independently shut down the app and lock users out until the threat has been addressed.

Active hardening

We double down on local mobile in-app protection with our exclusive cloud-based Active Hardening capabilities. These strengthen local app defenses by individualizing every app instance through cryptographic keys, injecting a certificate into each app instance, and continuously verifying device binding information. Moreover, the Active Hardening server receives a continuous stream of telemetry security data from all individual devices, including suspected code tampering activities, which it feeds into its real-time machine learning engine to extrapolate additional threat intelligence.

Cloud-based threat intelligence 

Our three optional cloud-based threat intelligence modules harness the continuous stream of real-time security data delivered by the Active Hardening server. Together, these modules allow for a human-operated, automated, or programmable response to any attempts to tamper with your code:
Threat Intelligence Portal

Our powerful web interface empowers every member of your team to monitor for security threats, providing them with real time alerts of any suspected attempts to tamper with your app code. This allows them to take immediate action, such as temporarily locking it and then unlocking it once the threat has been mitigated, or even wiping it permanently when appropriate.

Attestation & Response

With our intuitive no-code interface, your business team can easily establish automated conditional rules and triggers, guaranteeing a swift and consistent response to future attacks based on well-defined, shared security policies.

Threat Intelligence & Response APIs

In addition to the straightforward no-code responses to threats facilitated by our Attestation and Response modules, your back-end developers can leverage our powerful API to communicate security incidents to your back-end application logic and program automated triggers and responses directly into your back-end system.

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