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A comprehensive security solution for digital ID companies

Build38’s Mobile App Security Platform offers a unique and all-encompassing solution tailored specifically to the needs of digital ID companies. In contrast to conventional solutions that primarily concentrate on safeguarding mobile endpoints, Build38 takes a holistic approach to security, protecting not only the mobile app, but also its communications and back-end APIs as well.

An identity crisis in security & compliance

Digital identity (ID) apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether privately developed or the result of a government initiative. They play a vital role in managing and authenticating our identities online and provide a seamless, secure way to access a myriad of services, from government e-portals to online banking and healthcare systems. Apps like Apple ID, Google, Estonia’s Mobile-ID and Singapore’s SingPass, all streamline ID verification, reduce paperwork, store login credentials, and empower users to control data sharing and privacy settings. With features like digital wallets and electronic signatures, they epitomize the convergence of convenience and security in our digital lives.

Digital IDs are prime targets for hackers

Mobile ID apps handle sensitive personal information, online credentials, payment details, and even biometric data. This makes them attractive targets for cybercriminals looking to commit identity theft, financial fraud, credential harvesting, ransom attacks and data breaches.

Cryptographic keys are a prime vulnerability

Cryptographic keys play an essential role in encrypting user credentials and personal data. When compromised, they allow hackers to intercept and manipulate data exchanges between app and server, leading to unauthorized access and data breaches.

Reverse engineering

Hackers may employ reverse engineering techniques to dissect an app’s code and memory, in search of cryptographic keys. Once obtained, these keys can be misused to gain unauthorized access, impersonate users, or manipulate transactions.

Mobile device vulnerabilities

Mobile devices themselves may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise the security of cryptographic keys stored within apps. If a device is rooted or jailbroken, for example, it becomes easier for attackers to access sensitive data, including keys.

Side-channel attacks

Instead of directly targeting app code, side-channel attacks analyze the patterns or signals an app generates during execution, using power consumption, electromagnetic emissions, or timing variations to deduce sensitive information like cryptographic keys or user inputs.

APIs are in the crosshairs

Digital ID apps continuously exchange highly sensitive information with their backend APIs. Unauthorized access to these APIs poses a serious threat that could potentially result in catastrophic data breaches, with dire consequences.

Securing digital IDs is a daunting task

Integrating security into the development process, managing high penetration testing costs, and navigating the diverse landscape of security software options all further compound the challenges faced by digital ID companies when it comes to ensuring robust security.

Complex security mandates

Complying with government rules, like the strict eIDAS 2 standards, is crucial for mobile ID apps. But these rules demand strong security and data protection, and staying compliant is an ongoing effort that requires resources and expertise from developers and organizations alike.

Our solution for digital ID companies

Build38’s Mobile App Security Platform offers digital ID companies a unique, all-encompassing solution tailored to their specific needs. While conventional solutions focus primarily on safeguarding mobile endpoints, our platform takes a holistic approach that secures not only mobile apps and on-board software, but also their communications and back-end APIs, for comprehensive end-to-end protection.

Advanced mobile app self-protection features, such as data encryption and secure PIN pads, effectively thwart side-channel attacks, reverse engineering and attempts to compromise cryptographic keys, and autonomous termination swiftly shuts down breached apps. Meanwhile, our Active Hardening Server reinforces local app security with cryptographic-key-based instance individualization, certificate injection, device binding, and AI-driven threat intelligence extraction.

Build38 offers flexible integration options, including No Code Low Code, and Master Code protection, seamlessly integrating security into the development process. It is compatible with over 99% of smartphones worldwide, ensuring seamless security across diverse devices and operating systems.

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