The integrated, modular security platform that grows with your needs

As the team responsible for procuring security software for your company, your focus is on consolidating vendors, ensuring smooth integration, and minimizing IT involvement. You’re seeking vendors that offer integrated, yet modular capabilities.

Build38’s modular system enables you to start with the level of mobile app security you desire and provides options for enhancing client and server-side mobile app protection over time. Additionally, our per-user pricing model is tailored for consumer app operators, offering scalability as your needs evolve.

Procuring security software for mobile app businesses poses unique challenges.

As the team responsible for procuring security solutions, you aim to minimize your number of vendors while ensuring seamless integration and minimal IT services required. You seek technologies that work well together from the outset and remain integrated with ease. Additionally, your solutions integrate seamlessly and minimal IT services are required.

Financial risks and reputation damage

Keeping costs under control

Security is costly

Build38 is comprehensive yet modular, enabling progressive deployment over time

Build38 was intentionally designed as a modular system to address your current security needs, while remaining adaptable for the future. This modular approach allows you to strengthen your app’s security gradually. On the client side, you can progressively enhance your app’s security features. On the server side, you can add new Threat Intelligence modules over time to further boost your mobile app’s security.

In essence, when fully deployed, our solution consolidates the functionality of up to four or five separate security software solutions. Opting for Build38 ensures you collaborate with just one integrated strategic security provider, rather than multiple distinct technology companies

Furthermore, our per-user pricing is tailored to align with your business model as the operator of a consumer app.

Why businesses choose Build38

Businesses worldwide trust Build38 with their mobile app security. Don’t just take our word for it—listen to what our customers have to say.

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