Helping heads of fraud prevent and fight back online criminals

Build38 offers the ultimate solution for Heads of Fraud Management in mobile banks and companies with fraud-sensitive apps. With our Mobile App Security Platform, teams gain real-time security monitoring and response capabilities through our user-friendly Threat Intelligence console, empowering them to combat evolving fraud tactics effortlessly.

Features like remote wipe and lock and our Attestation & Response module streamline security operations without IT support. Our Threat Intelligence & Response APIs enable seamless integration of standardized security responses into app backends, ensuring unparalleled fraud mitigation. With Build38, fraud management teams can proactively protect their apps, reduce incidents of fraud, and uphold the security and credibility of their institutions.

Your mobile app security challenges as head of fraud

Heads of fraud management face unique challenges in safeguarding mobile apps against evolving threats. Monitoring for security threats around the clock burdens you with an increased workload, while the pressure to stay ahead of attackers adds to the complexity of your job.

Implementing complex security measures not only impacts operational efficiency but also poses financial risks and potential reputational damage in the event of successful fraud incidents. Furthermore, maintaining regulatory compliance adds another layer of complexity to your responsibilities, amplifying the need for robust security solutions.

Continuous monitoring of security threats

You must maintain constant vigilance over your mobile apps to detect and respond swiftly to emerging security threats.

Staying ahead of evolving fraud tactics

With fraudsters continually adapting and developing new techniques, you face the ongoing challenge of preemptively identifying and mitigating these sophisticated tactics.

Balancing security measures with the user experience

Balancing stringent security requirements with a seamless user experience presents a delicate challenge, as strict security measures may impede app performance and user satisfaction.

Financial risks and reputational damage from successful fraud incidents

The fallout from successful fraud incidents extends beyond financial losses, encompassing damage to your company’s reputation and eroding customer trust.

Struggling to keep pace with security & compliance regulations

You find it a constant challenge to stay updated as threats and compliance mandates evolve, caught in a neverending “arms race”.

How Build38 supports Heads of Fraud

Build38 offers comprehensive support to Heads of Fraud Management by providing an advanced Mobile App Security Platform tailored to combat the unique challenges they face. With our user-friendly Threat Intelligence console, fraud management leaders gain real-time visibility into app security status, enabling continuous monitoring and swift response to security breaches.

 Build38’s features, such as remote wipe and lock and our Attestation & Response module, streamline security operations without the need for IT support, empowering fraud management teams to efficiently mitigate evolving fraud tactics.

 Additionally, our Threat Intelligence & Response APIs enable seamless integration of standardized security responses into app backends, ensuring unparalleled fraud mitigation. By equipping heads of fraud management with these powerful tools and insights, Build38 enables proactive protection against emerging threats, reducing the risk of financial losses, reputation damage, and regulatory non-compliance.

Why businesses choose Build38

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