Fight back against mobile app key extraction attacks

Your app consistently handles secret encrypted keys for various purposes, including user authentication, data encryption, and access to vital online services such as banking and digital car keys. Our top-tier in-app protection software, equipped with strong cryptography services, ensures robust defense against hackers attempting to steal these crucial keys and disrupt your operations. Furthermore, we bolster these in-app defenses with exclusive active hardening and threat intelligence capabilities, setting us apart from other app protection vendors.

How hackers do it

Hackers utilize key extraction techniques to obtain sensitive cryptographic keys or credentials used within a mobile app. These attacks often involve reverse engineering the app to locate and extract encryption keys or other secret information stored within an app’s code or memory.

Once these keys are obtained, hackers can decrypt sensitive data, forge digital signatures, or impersonate authorized users, potentially leading to unauthorized access, data breaches, or other forms of compromised security.

How Build38 shields your mobile apps from debugging attacks

Build38’s comprehensive approach to mobile app security seamlessly integrates on-device protection powered by strong cryptography with cloud-based hardening and threat intelligence mechanisms, providing a robust defense against key extraction attacks and various other security threats to your mobile apps.

Superior mobile app self-protection

Our mobile app self-protection software effectively defends against key extraction attacks, thanks to its robust strong cryptography service. This service is engineered to deliver an exceptionally high level of protection for cryptographic keys. It adapts its operations to align with the hardware capabilities of each device, consistently opting for the most robust environment available.
This may involve leveraging either the Secure Element, the Trusted Execution Environment, or our advanced white-box cryptography library to ensure comprehensive compatibility across all devices, achieving unparalleled coverage.
In addition, our advanced white-box cryptographic capabilities ensure that cryptographic operations and keys remain safe, even in the face of determined attackers who have full access to the software implementation and executing device. We achieve this with the use of cutting-edge white-box cryptography techniques, delivering the highest level of security for cryptographic keys and algorithms.

Active hardening

We strengthen local mobile in-app protection with our unique cloud-based Active Hardening capabilities. Our Active Hardening services enhance local app defenses by individualizing every app instance through cryptographic keys, injecting a certificate into each instance, and consistently verifying device binding information.
The Active Hardening module also draws on a continuous stream of telemetry security data from all individual devices, including reports on malicious key extraction activity. This data is then fed into its real-time machine learning engine to generate additional threat intelligence.

Cloud-based threat intelligence 

Our Active Hardening module delivers AI-driven insights to three separate cloud-based Threat Intelligence modules (XDR), enabling a diverse range of responses—from manual intervention to automated and programmable actions—all aimed at bolstering the in-app software's ability to thwart key extraction attacks locally:
Threat Intelligence Portal

Our intuitive web interface empowers every member of your team to monitor for security threats and get real-time alerts about suspected key extraction attacks. This allows them to take immediate action when necessary, temporarily locking and then unlocking an app once a threat has been mitigated, or even permanently wiping it, if needed.

Attestation & Response

With our intuitive no-code interface, your business team can easily establish automated conditional triggers and rules, guaranteeing a swift and consistent response to future attacks, based on well-defined, shared security policies.

Threat Intelligence & Response APIs

In addition to the straightforward no-code responses to threats facilitated by our Attestation and Response module, your back-end developers can also leverage our powerful API to communicate security incidents to your back-end application logic and program designated triggers and automated responses directly into your back-end system.

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