Fight back against mobile app replay attacks

Build38 offers a strong defense against replay attacks. Our security approach depends on the secure communication services embedded into our in-app protection SDK, which is reinforced by our cloud-based active app hardening.

How hackers do it

Hackers use replay attacks to intercept and later replay legitimate data exchanges between a mobile app and its server. They capture data packets or requests sent by the app during a legitimate transaction and then replay these captured packets at a later time.

This can lead to unauthorized actions or transactions being duplicated, potentially resulting in financial fraud, data manipulation, or other malicious activities.

How Build38 protects your mobile apps

Build38’s comprehensive solution safeguards your application’s integrity and defends against replay attacks. We combine top-tier mobile in-app protection with exclusive server-side features, including continuous AI-powered active app hardening.

Superior mobile app self-protection

The module within our SDK serves as the central defense mechanism against various network layer attacks, including replay attacks. Its primary objective is to secure your application's sensitive data during transmission. Build38's powerful protection operates on multiple levels, even in the face of attacker attempts to intercept and replay messages:
  • Certificate pinning is utilized to prevent server impersonation.
  • Our SDK ensures secure configurations for TLS channel establishment, preventing downgrade attacks to insecure versions.
  • Our protection also extends beyond eavesdropping to safeguard against tampering.

Any attempts to interfere with your app’s communication flow are effectively thwarted.

Active hardening

We strengthen local mobile in-app protection with our distinctive cloud-based active hardening capabilities. These services elevate local app defense by personalizing every app instance through cryptographic keys, injecting a certificate into each instance, and ensuring consistent verification of device binding information.
In addition, our active hardening server leverages a continuous stream of telemetry security data from all individual devices, feeding it into its real-time machine learning engine to produce actionable threat intelligence.

Cloud-based threat intelligence 

Our platform, in turn, channels the threat intelligence generated by the active hardening to three exclusive cloud-based threat-intelligence modules. These modules empower your business teams and back-end software to respond swiftly to perceived mobile app threats as they occur.
Threat Intelligence Portal

Our powerful web console promptly notifies your team when security incidents occur, allowing them to take manual actions such as permanently wiping an app, locking it, or unlocking it as necessary.

Attestation & Response

Our user-friendly online interface empowers your team to establish automated rules that ensure consistent responses to future incidents, based on predefined policies.

Threat Intelligence & Response APIs

Through our APIs, you can inform your back-end systems about security incidents and directly program specific responses into any back-end application.

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