Fight attacks that target rooted and jailbroken mobile devices

Build38 provides robust protection against security attacks targeting jailbroken (on iOS) and rooted (on Android) devices. We achieve this with a unique combination of advanced in-app self-defense features, bolstered by our exclusive cloud-based security capabilities. 

Our cloud-based active app hardening services augment the security of mobile apps remotely by continuously validating device binding information and individualizing app instances using cryptographic keys. Furthermore, our three distinctive cloud-based threat intelligence modules enable supervised, automated, and programmable responses to security threats targeting your jailbroken and rooted devices.

How hackers do it

Very often, it is the end user who intentionally jailbreaks or roots their device, in an attempt to install paid apps for free, or access system settings beyond what is typically possible on non-rooted devices. However, this action significantly increases the vulnerability of all apps running on the device to potential security breaches by hackers.

Hackers target devices that have been rooted or jailbroken to gain administrative privileges on the device in question, allowing them to circumvent its security mechanisms and manipulate mobile apps. By exploiting vulnerabilities or weaknesses in a device’s operating system, hackers can bypass manufacturer restrictions and gain full access to system files and settings.

By focusing on rooted and jailbroken devices with weakened security mechanisms, attackers can install malicious apps, alter existing apps, or evade app store security checks, facilitating malware deployment, sensitive data theft, or compromising the device’s overall security. And because rooted and jailbroken devices provide attackers with a higher level of control over the device, they can often serve as a precursor to more advanced mobile app attacks.

How Build38 protects your mobile apps

Build38’s holistic approach to security seamlessly combines on-device protection with cloud-based hardening and threat intelligence, delivering a strong defense against attacks targeting the rooted and jailbroken devices running your apps.

Superior mobile app self-protection

Our in-app self-protection software detects active attacks targeting jailbroken and rooted devices in real time through its powerful Runtime Environment Verification service. This service continuously assesses the mobile app environment, including its operating system, to determine if an app is running on a jailbroken or rooted device. If a security threat is detected, our self-protection software autonomously terminates the app and restricts user access until the threat is addressed.

Active hardening

Our exclusive active hardening server enhances app security remotely by customizing app instances through cryptographic-key-based techniques, injecting certificates into each instance, and verifying device binding information. In addition, it collects app security data from individual devices, monitoring attacks aimed at jailbroken and rooted devices, and utilizes a machine learning engine to generate valuable threat intelligence.

Cloud-based threat intelligence 

Our platform streams real-time telemetry data and AI-powered insights into three exclusive cloud-based threat intelligence modules. The three powerful modules enable your business team and back-end software to promptly respond to detected mobile app threats as they occur.
Threat Intelligence Portal
Our robust web console promptly notifies your team about security incidents, enabling them to take necessary action as needed, such as locking, unlocking, or permanently wiping an app.
Attestation & Response
Our user-friendly online interface empowers your team to create automated rules, ensuring consistent responses to future incidents based on predefined policies.
Threat Intelligence & Response APIs
By leveraging our APIs, you can inform your back-end systems about security incidents and directly implement specific triggered responses into your back-end application logic.

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