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Fight back against side channel attacks

Side channel attacks are one of the most sophisticated methods hackers use to infiltrate mobile apps, by intercepting the signals emitted by mobile phones. Combating these advanced attacks requires an equally advanced response. This is why Build38 offers exclusive powerful cryptographic capabilities in its in-app protection software, supported by exclusive cloud-based defense mechanisms to effectively counter this increasingly prevalent threat.

How hackers do it

Hackers employ side channel attacks to exploit information that is unintentionally leaked when a mobile app is in use. These attacks do not target app code directly, but rather focus on analyzing the patterns or signals it generates during execution, such as power consumption, electromagnetic emissions, or timing variations.

By observing these side channel signals, hackers can deduce sensitive information like cryptographic keys or user inputs, without ever accessing an app’s source code. Side channel attacks are sly and sophisticated, relying on the subtle nuances of device behavior, making them a powerful method for extracting confidential data and compromising mobile app security.

How Build38 protects your mobile apps

Build38’s comprehensive approach to mobile app security seamlessly integrates on-device protection powered by strong cryptography with cloud-based app hardening and threat intelligence mechanisms, providing a robust defense against side channel attacks and various security threats to your mobile apps.

Superior mobile app self-protection

Our mobile app self-protection software effectively counters side-channel attacks, thanks to its powerful Cryptography module. The module was designed to provide an exceptionally high level of protection for cryptographic keys. It customizes its operation to match the hardware capabilities of each individual device, consistently selecting the most robust environment at its disposal.
This can involve utilizing either the Secure Element, the Trusted Execution Environment, or our cutting-edge white-box cryptography library to guarantee full compatibility with all devices, achieving an unparalleled 100% coverage.
In addition, our advanced white-box cryptographic capabilities ensure that cryptographic operations and keys stay protected, even in the face of determined attackers who have full access to the software implementation and the device executing it. We accomplish this by employing state-of-the-art white-box cryptography techniques that deliver the highest level of security for cryptographic keys and algorithms.

Active hardening

We enhance local mobile in-app protection with our exclusive cloud-based Active Hardening capabilities. Our Active Hardening services bolster local app defenses by individualizing every app instance through cryptographic keys, injecting a certificate into each app instance, and continuously verifying device binding information.
Furthermore, the Active Hardening Server draws on a continuous stream of telemetry security data from all individual devices, including suspected side channel activities, feeding it into its real-time machine learning engine to extrapolate additional threat intelligence.

Cloud-based threat intelligence 

Our trio of cloud-based Threat Intelligence modules also capitalise on the continuous stream of real-time security data from the Active Hardening server to further augment our powerful mobile in-app defense. The three modules enable a wide range of cloud-based mitigation responses to side channel attacks, from manual intervention to automated and programmable actions:
Threat Intelligence Portal

Our robust web interface allows every member of your team to monitor for security threats and get real-time alerts about suspected side-channel attacks. This allows them to take manual action as necessary, temporarily locking, then unlocking an app once a threat has been mitigated, or even permanently wiping it, if appropriate.

Attestation & Response

Using our intuitive no-code interface, your business team can effortlessly set up automated conditional triggers and rules, ensuring a fast and consistent response to future attacks based on well-defined, shared security policies.

Threat Intelligence & Response APIs

In addition to the simple no-code responses to threats enabled by our Attestation and Response modules, your back-end developers can utilize our powerful API to communicate security incidents to your back-end application logic, and program designated triggers and automated responses directly into your back-end system.

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