A comprehensive security solution for SoftPOS apps

Build38 Mobile App Security Platform offers a unique and all-encompassing solution tailored specifically to the needs of SoftPOS apps. In contrast to conventional solutions that primarily concentrate on safeguarding mobile endpoints, Build38 takes a holistic approach to security, protecting not only the mobile app, but also its communications and back-end APIs as well.

Tapping into security & compliance for SoftPOS apps

SoftPOS, short for Software Point of Sale, represents a groundbreaking technology for payment apps. It transforms ordinary smartphones and tablets into secure payment terminals. Merchants can accept card payments simply by installing an app on their device, saving them the cost of specialized equipment. Customers can conveniently pay by tapping or inserting their cards, while the app secures the transaction.

This innovation benefits businesses and has expanded electronic payment to even the most remote areas where traditional systems are scarce. But while SoftPOS technology has made paying for goods and services more straightforward and quicker for everyone, it has also opened up a window of opportunity for hackers looking to steal data and commit fraud.

SoftPOS apps are prime targets for hackers

SoftPOS apps process sensitive financial transactions on common mobile devices, so hackers can exploit them to steal valuable payment data, which they use to commit fraud, like unauthorized purchases or identity theft.

Industry standards for SoftPOS are becoming stricter

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has introduced the PCI MPoC standard, mandating stringent security measures such as encryption, key management, and user authentication to instill trust in the mobile payment ecosystem.

Cryptographic keys are a prime vulnerability

Cryptographic keys play an essential role in app security, but attackers can exploit them to decrypt sensitive data and manipulate exchanges between app and server, heightening the risk of reverse engineering, mobile device vulnerabilities and side channel attacks.

APIs are also at risk

SoftPOS apps continuously exchange highly sensitive information with their backend APIs. Unauthorized access to these APIs poses a serious threat, potentially resulting in catastrophic data breaches with dire consequences.

Complying with PCI-MPoC is an ongoing challenge

Adhering to industry standards such as PCI MPoC, PCI SPoC, and PCI CPoC is essential for apps that double as payment terminals. But these rules require robust security and data protection, making staying compliant an ongoing effort that demands resources and expertise.

Securing SoftPOS apps is a daunting task

Integrating security into the development process, managing penetration testing costs, ensuring device and OS compatibility, addressing talent scarcity, selecting suitable security software, and evaluating open-source solution reliability further compounds the challenges.

How Build38 protects softPOS and mobile in-app protection features

Build38’s Mobile App Security Platform offers a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for SoftPOS app companies, focusing not only on mobile endpoint security, but also on securing communications and back-end APIs, ensuring end-to-end protection. Our solution features advanced mobile app self-protection measures such as data encryption, secure PIN pads, and robust cryptography, effectively thwarting attempts to extract cryptographic keys and ensuring security across all devices, including jailbroken or rooted ones.

Build38 is compatible with over 99% of smartphones worldwide, ensuring a seamless customer experience. We offer flexible integration options, including No Code, Low Code, and Master Code Protection, seamlessly integrating security into the development process. Our strong cryptographic features provide unparalleled protection against key leakage and side-channel attacks, while our autonomous termination feature swiftly neutralizes threats. Meanwhile, our Active Hardening enhances app security through cryptographic-key-based instance individualization, certificate injection, device binding, and threat intelligence extraction, ensuring robust protection at all levels.

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