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Mobile Services: Fraudsters never sleep

Build38 registers all types of mobile attacks, ranging from static to dynamic attacks. For a given analysis, most attempts are dynamic attacks where adversaries attached a debugger to the protected app and tried to understand the call flow of the app.

Top 5 application security standards to secure your applications

Top 5 application security standards to secure your applications

The security of mobile apps plays an integral role in the digital space and the business world today. With an increasing number of threats and cyberattacks, businesses are now more concerned than ever about the safety of their apps and protecting the sensitive information of their users.

Mobile Applications Security Summit 2022

There are two main reasons to understand the importance of mobile application security. said Dr. Christian Schläger from Build38 and was supported on this statement by Prof. Stéphane Grenade, Director of IDAI “Institute of International and European Business Law”.

How to improve application protection

Application security remains quite high, 67% have experienced an incident in the past year, 40% have 5.000 or more security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, and that rate has quickly increased over the past 12 months.