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Digital Transformation and app protection

Application protection is essential for digital transformation to take place. COVID-19 condensed activities that would have taken years to complete into a few months, and digital initiatives are now a primary business priority for many companies.

Security and IA

Adopting Security Capabilities that are automated by Artificial Intelligence

With the increased attention on application security, it may be time to examine how your company manages application security during both code development and runtime. This included coding with security in mind and security testing, such as SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing). When it comes to protecting their company …

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Trends of app protection for 2022

The following article will go over the five application security trends we expect to see in the coming year. All the trends point to a higher focus on application security, and one thing to bear in mind is that security professionals will continue to be in short supply. Let’s look at some of the top application protection trends for 2022.

5 Benefits of using Mobile ID Wallets and use-cases

The use of Mobile ID Wallets offers benefits and Digital identity wallet enables a trusted experience for users.Digital identity wallets enable a trusted, convenient, and rich online experience for users where they can provide their identity, authenticate on websites, sign documents digitally and confirm transactions.