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Security framework from Build38 makes eHealth apps secure

Security framework from Build38 makes eHealth apps secure

Comprehensive app security guaranteed from development

With the current boom in eHealth apps, concerns around security and privacy are growing louder. Particularly in the case of health apps that provide information about specific diseases, offer support or form the communication interface between health insurers and customers, sensitive data must be specially protected. The so-called Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) provides a secure framework with code encryption, making it much more difficult for hackers to gain access.

In order to finally eliminate security and data protection concerns in the use of eHealth apps, a general GDPR-compliant solution is currently being sought. This is especially true for digital health apps, which are prescribed by doctors. Build38 already has a suitable solution ready: The T.A.K is permanently adapted to the latest security findings and requirements in order to be able to guarantee the necessary security at all times.

Comprehensively secure eHealth apps with T.A.K

In accordance with the Shift Left Security approach, the T.A.K is already integrated into the app during app development as a library with code obfuscation. Since decryption proves to be particularly difficult, this ensures security from the outset. The multi-layered framework offers In-App Protection as well as reaction and central In-App Monitoring.

When a T.A.K-protected eHealth app is downloaded from the app store and opened for the first time on a mobile device, the app first checks whether it is running in a secure environment. Depending on the result, the app is then either run or blocked subsequently. “Digital health apps make an important contribution in the detection, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of diseases. For this reason, as for all medical devices, important safety regulations apply to them,” says Dr. Christian Schläger, Managing Director at Build38. “With our T.A.K, app operators and developers have a tool that can be integrated into the app in under three minutes. With effective risk and threat management, abuse and manipulation by cybercriminals can be significantly minimized.”

You can also get extensive insights into the topic of eHealth apps and their security in the podcast “Tick Tack – Time for Mobile Security” from Build38:

Silicon Vault, by Build38, makes data storage on mobile devices more secure

Silicon Vault, by Build38, makes data storage on mobile devices more secure

Product update ensures improved control over sensitive data

With the Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) Build38 has developed a software development kit (SDK) that protects mobile apps from all online threats. In order to adapt the T.A.K to new security requirements, the provider has now added Silicon Vault to its tool, which uses the hardware (HW)-backed storage capabilities of modern smartphones. This means that certificates, API keys, sensitive data and health information, among other things, can be stored on the mobile device even more securely than before.

Business and digital use cases are evolving at an ever-increasing pace these days, from eGovernment to healthcare to automotive use cases. This makes it all the more important to constantly adapt the mobile app security to the current requirements and the threat situation. Build38’s T.A.K already contains all the necessary security functions for mobile apps. This security framework can be integrated in under three minutes during app development.

With Silicon Vault, Build38 has supplemented the T.A.K with a new security feature that uses hardware-based symmetric and asymmetric cryptography on mobile devices. In this way, data storage can be effectively secured in the future. Other T.A.K features such as Secure Storage – which has been available for a long time – signature creation and TLS authentication also benefit from this increased level of security.

“With the extension of our solution, we are pushing the step towards further digital sovereignty for our customers and partners,” says Torsten Leibner, Head of Product Management at Build38. “The new feature enables us to provide maximum security for modern use cases when using mobile apps. Security-relevant information remains on the end device and is securely stored there.”

Torsten Leibner, Head of Product Management von Build38
Torsten Leibner, Head of Product Management, Build38

Nordic IT Security Summit Logo

Secure Mobile Banking: Build38 present at the Nordic IT Security Summit

Secure Mobile Banking: Build38 present at the Nordic IT Security Summit

Cybersecurity event for the financial sector

Cyberattacks are occurring more and more frequently around the world. Especially banks and financial institutions are very much affected. To support the financial sector on cybersecurity, the Financial Institutions Edition of the annual Nordic IT Security (NITS) Summit has been launched. This will provide a platform for the fintech, e-commerce and mobile banking industries, offering an optimal opportunity for networking and mutual exchange. The event will take place on April 15 and 16, 2021. In total, many industry leaders will participate in the Summit, outlining their visions and sharing valuable business insights. It will also be possible to browse virtual exhibitions, in which the latest technologies are presented. Build38, an expert in mobile banking app security, is also part of the digital event.

Especially due to the Corona situation, mobile payment is used even more frequently by customers. At the same time, it has also brought it increasingly into the focus of cybercriminals, who hack banking apps to gain access to customers' personal payment data. However, this risk can be eliminated with the early integration of a multi-layered security framework that includes all necessary security functions. Build38 has developed such a framework, which prevents known and unknown attacks at all times and thus optimally secures banking apps. In line with the Shift Left Security approach, the Software Development Kit (SDK) can be integrated in a very short time during the early development phase. This ensures security from the outset. During the event, attendees will be able to learn in-depth about Build38's Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K).

Further information about the event can be found here:






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Mobile app security through security framework: Build38 enters into distribution partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA subsidiary SPP

Mobile app security through security framework: Build38 enters into distribution partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA subsidiary SPP

Expansion of the partner network in the DACH region

Munich, February 23, 2021 – With the number of mobile applications growing every day, the topic of app security plays an important role worldwide. Attacks, in which cybercriminals gain access to apps via security vulnerabilities and thus obtain sensitive data, occur again and again. To solve this global problem and make apps secure, Build38 has developed a Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes a collection of essential security features. To make its SDK available to even more companies in the future, the solution provider is pursuing the expansion of its partner network. By cooperating with the reseller SPP, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, Build38 is taking another important step in this direction.

Mobile applications on smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday life. With the constant use of apps, it is important that they are completely secure so that hackers cannot gain access to it and manipulate it or be able to pick off data. Consequently, every app should be equipped with the necessary security features during development, which the framework from Build38 includes. This allows all Android and iOS apps to be secured from the ground up, so developers, operators and users no longer have to worry about potential cyberattacks.

Expansion of sales activities

Through the newly concluded partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA Group member SPP, Build38 is opening up a new sales channel in the DACH region. "We are pleased to have gained another experienced and well-positioned partner," says Dr. Christian Schläger, Managing Director at Build38. "TÜV AUSTRIA Group's international focus and wide range of authorizations give us the opportunity to offer our mobile app security solutions in additional markets with immediate effect. It is important to us to draw attention worldwide to the need for app security, which can be ensured easily and quickly with our SDK. SPP and TÜV AUSTRIA can provide us with excellent support in this regard."

"Mobile security, specifically secure app development, is an increasingly important topic in today's society and economy. Great damage can quickly arise here – both for the operator and the user – if the topic of security is not focused on at an early stage," says Andreas Koeberl, General Manager at SPP. "We have taken a close look at Build38's security framework and see high potential in it for a holistic security concept for apps."

Andreas Koeberl, General Manager SPP

Andreas Koeberl, General Manager SPP