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Build38 protection for confidential data on mobile devices is based on one powerful tool, one unified framework. It is designed for rich applications and used by their developers.

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App Security Framework

T.A.K is a collection of security functions every app needs. For developers it is an application kit. For product managers it is application security. For users it is trust in mobile devices.

T.A.K is expanding what is already there. The Development Kit is adding a security framework to mobile operating systems. It is designed to be built into an application during its development. 

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Multilayered Protection

T.A.K combines 3 layers of mobile protection in its framework. Each layer represents different security features operating at the same time. The level of protection is 3 times more powerful because of

• Native Code Protection

• Key Protection Manager

• Enhanced Security Functions 

Safe Changes


The Enhanced T.A.K Security Functions provide unique device fingerprinting and secure communication based on a client-and-server principle. The T.A.K Client is built into an application as a native library.

Secure Communication Channel

The secure communication channel between client and server offers a preventive security approach. In other words, network sniffing and reverse engineering is far more difficult. The T.A.K Server tracks the status of the T.A.K Client Library and the end device.

Safety Zone

High Level Mobile Security

After purchasing T.A.K an app service provider receives access to a specific T.A.K client library. By installing the development kit, developers integrate the framework into an app system during the design phase.

Once the app is published by the provider and users have downloaded the app from a dedicated source, the communication between T.A.K client and T.A.K server performs security checks every time each user starts the app.

The service provider can access the T.A.K dashboard at any time for security insights and relevant information on performance. As any other changes, T.A.K updates can be added to the same workflow as regular updates for mobile applications.

unified framework

T.A.K is not a process. It is a solution. One big idea, one system, one step.


T.A.K is designed for developers. The development kit is convenient and easy.


T.A.K layers protection. It works with several powerful systems at the same time.


The integration is efficient. Implementation and configuration is a matter of days.


T.A.K is independent and versatile. It runs in every environment.


T.A.K remains invisible, the app user experience will simply stay untouched.

It's not how safe you are,it's how safe you want to be.

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