Build38 Munich Office at Werk1 – Werktage

Build38 GmbH, headquarters of Build38 Germany, moved in at the new office space in Munich at Werk1. If only everything was so easy as finding the best office environment for a Munich startup. For founders every day is a working day. Our Build38 Munich headquarters are located at a suburbian district called Werksviertel. The former factory  environment of the 70ies and party district of the 90ies is now a colorful and diverse business area. Contrast is key and opposites unite. Local artists work next to global players. Shared office spaces add up to posh conference rooms.

Industrial style and industrial leftovers are sometimes hard to tell apart. Inbetween long hallways one labyrinth leads to the next one. The fearless mixture is representing life. Work is just a part of it. Even getting lost from time to time seems to be part of the overall plan.

Build38 moved into the 5th floor of Werk1 where glass facades offer a wide view over the urban Munich skyline. The big construction work around the building is exemplary. The growth is unstoppable and tangible here. If you want to discover a new side of Munich come visit. You will be inspired. If you want to talk about mobile application security let’s meet. You will be surprised.