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Mastering the mobile economy

In 2018, more than 190 billion apps were downloaded worldwide. Mobile users spend 80% of their time with apps. This underlines a trend – the economy is turning into a mobile economy. In this economy, customers have new expectations. Customers today want everywhere-use (not location-dependent), experience (no products), personalization (no generalism) and data protection (no traceability). Winners in the mobile economy understand this trend. Market leaders are creating new customer relationships and engagements and now reaching their customers with secure mobile services.

What you will learn

  • Risks associated with mobile apps on untrusted (consumer) mobile devices
  • A security framework for mobile apps (iOS and Android platforms) on unmanaged
    devices and how to increase cyber risk resilience
  • Security components such as connectivity management, privilege escalation prevention, environment detection, threat and fraud prevention for mobile apps
  • Life-cycle and life-cycle management of critical mobile apps

Why you should read it

  • You are screening the market for innovative third-party security help such as in-app protection, app monitoring and AI-based threat intelligence
  • Speed-up time-to-market of your app release with an easily deployable solution
  • Reduce development and operations and maintenance costs of your mobile business while keeping the highest level of security

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Build38 was founded to make the mobile world a better place, securing the apps of providers and users. Helping businesses easily to protect their apps in different sectors.


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