Top-tier mobile app [protection] for a fast-moving world

Mobile apps are essential to our daily lives as consumers, but threats are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated by the day. You need protection that secures your apps, devices and networks—and your backend too.

Today’s threats are sophisticated.
Your [security] should be too

Every day, your clients identify, authenticate and transact from their phones, expanding the attack surface for cybercriminals.
To protect your business, you need to safeguard their trust with security designed to counter the most advanced threats.


The average smartphone user has approximately 80 apps installed on their phone.


70% of online fraud happens on mobile platforms.


63% of apps contain open source components with known security vulnerabilities.

You want to [secure] your app, but you’re struggling

Protecting your app is critical to your business, but there are so many moving parts to consider, you don’t even know where to begin. You’re not the only one! From shifting compliance mandates to countless operating systems, mobile app security is more complicated than ever.

You need a solution that goes beyond RASP

Cybercriminals are no longer just targeting your apps, devices and networks. They’re targeting your back end too, and local mobile app self-protection solutions are no longer enough. You need a solution that will protect your full technology stack from end to end with a combination of the latest in-app, AI and cloud technologies.

You deserve best-in-class [security] that bolsters your business

Top-tier security doesn’t just protect your app.
It also gives your team the bandwidth they need to make your business better.


You need a solution that makes it easier to meet complex compliance mandates and keeps up with changing standards and regulations.


You need a solution that will protect your full technology stack from end to end, augmenting RASP with a combination of the latest in cloud, AI, no-code and API technologies.


You need a solution that will allow you to start by addressing your current security needs, and add on as you grow.


You need a solution that offers flexible integration options, tailored to your team’s level of expertise, customization needs, and available resources (no code, low code, or full code).


You need a partner who can offer you mobile app expertise from across the globe and who is passionate about redefining mobile app security—a partner dedicated to taking security off your plate, so you can focus on developing your business.


One platform. Three layers of threat protection. Unparalleled mobile app security

Discover the next generation
of mobile app security