Join Build38 at Mobile World Congress 2021!

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Last year we were selected as one of the finalists for the 4 Years from Now Startup Competition at Mobile World Congress. Sadly, the event was canceled as part of the measures to fight the pandemic and it has been a long period dry of trade shows and events. This year, we are all excited that we can have the chance to meet many of our business partners and have a chat face-to-face, even if under strict health and safety measures. We can’t wait to have our elbow and fist bumps and share all the news about Build38. We will showcase our latest version of the Mobile Security and Fraud Management solution that includes:

  • SiliconVault: Now your Apps will use the highest level of security availble on each of your customers phones. Whether they are latest version Androids or iOS or legacy, you can support every customer with the same security.
  • RootDome: Root Detection is good. RootDome is better. With its non-deterministic root detection mechanisms, Build38 can ensure your Fraud Management engine or SIEM can have the latest security intel about everyone of your endpoints.
  • Alarms and Reactions: Be aware about which customer device is connecting to a debugger or trying to run your App on an emulator and react to it, temporarily lock the service or remotely wipe the service data from the App

All these and more features are available to support the multiple use-cases we protect:

  • Mobile Identity: From Single Sign-on to eGovernment use-cases. Due to the high level of security compliance we support regular MFA and all the way up to eIDAS-certified.
  • SoftPOS: Achieving PCI and EMV certification to support Software Based POS to accept contactless payments from regular Android devices.
  • Transit: Securing ticketing solutions to prevent fraud and scale in the replacement of physical tickets and ticketing vending machines.
  • Digital Car Key: Securing the mobile based keys of valuable assets like cars and allowing to interact with them remotely over cellular network or BLE.

Come to the Hall 2 at the MWC and talk to our team present at the event and attend our pitch at the Discovery Area Stage of 4YFN at 12pm on Tuesday the 29th of June.

Contact us and book a meeting with Fabienne or Pedro!